A breakdown of the costs of building my plane.
Up to date prices for the Escapade plane kit are available here.
Current prices for Rotax engines are here Item Cost Total (so far) 22,736.67     Escapade kit (excluding engine)
with strobes, spinner, hydraulic brakes 13,580.00 Rotax 912 engine (excl. exhaust, air filters) 7,600.00 Aircraft Coverings (paint) - so far, more to come 575.51 Swage tool 14.00 Microstop countersink tool with spares 31.00 Metal shears 14.99 Hammerite paint 40.00 Reamers and drills 53.90 CAA registration* 0.00 BMAA registration 30.00 Stratomaster instrument package 650.00 Inspector fees (so far) 80.00 Spray grease 9.98 Carpet 18.80 Fuel tap (Skydrive) 8.51 Car body filler (for fibreglass parts) 3.99 Epoxy varnish 25.99

* CAA registration normally costs 50, plus 150 if you want an out-of-sequence registration.
Following a mistake on their part, the CAA waived all fees and offered me a free out-of-sequence registration.