Days 10&11 - Lift strut brackets.      Hours today: 8 and 7      Hours so far: 82

Time to get stuck in. I left this job until I felt happier about what I was doing - it's a vital part, and one I wanted to make sure I would get right.

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The lift struts had already been put into position by Terry (and me) at the Reality HQ - it's part of the 'fitting wings to fuselage' process. So the job was just to drill out holes for rivets and then glue the brackets on. The whole day was taken up with making sure I got this right. Watch for the different rivets, and you will find a couple of holes remain empty since you can't get the rivet gun in place - Terry says to leave them! (I also managed a couple of other little jobs today).

Day 11 Following on from day 6, the trailing edge was fitted again, checking it's a good fit. Then abrade and clean, apply lots of adhesive, and carefully set the rivets. The rivets are flush, so the trailing edge holes need countersinking - not easy when it is so thin! Some of the adhesive needs cleaning off, so that flap and aileron hinges fit later.

That's it for two days work. Both wings look a bit more like wings. Terry told me over the phone that the wings need about 200 hours in total, if you don't opt for the quick build option - I'm beginning to believe it! Next page