Day 12 - more trailing edge      Hours today: 8       Hours so far: 90

Cutting slots into the trailing edges to accept the flap and aileron hinges, followed by final fitting of seats.

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Cut slots in the trailing edge next to ribs 1,4,5,7 and 9, so that the flap and aileron hinges fit. I opted to use a small cutting disc on my Dremel tool. I found it was best to mark accurately one slot, then use that to find where to cut the second slot. They need to be flush with the ribs so that the hinge plates fit accurately. 4 hours work!

The rest of the day was spent finally fitting the seats - making sure they fit properly, slide up and down the runners, that sort of thing. I then rivetted on the seat bases. I also chose to fit the harnesses, although I'm now worried they'll get in the way later!

Terry and I have found the odd difference between his (prototype) and my (production) kits - standardising of stuff means that the odd bolt he has supplied is the wrong length. This is one example - my seat frames are longer than his, so that the back interferes with the flap pulley - I'll just trim an inch off the seat frame to get over the problem. Terry has taken note of the (very) few times this has happened, and later kits will not suffer from these discrepancies.

Another day done. I actually sat in my plane today for the first time - to check the seats, of course! Next page