Days 14&15 - Flaps & ailerons      Hours today: 8      Hours so far: 115

I started the day by finally tracking down a tool which John Hamer, my inspector, recommended - after visiting a few boat chandlers, I still hadn't found one. John pointed me in the right direction; It's called a clinometer, and the cheapest website I found was for 17.45 delivered. When it arrives, I will use it to set up the horizontal stabilisers - they need to be 2 degrees off the horizontal!

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The whole day was spent on the flaps and ailerons - put them into position on the wings, make sure they move up and down the required amount, that the hinges don't bind, and that the trailing edges line up so that they look good. This picture was taken later, after I had fitted the leading edges (see day 16).

Once I was happy that the hinges were in the right place on the flap and aileron spar tubes, it was time to glue them into place. Each wing took a couple of hours before I was happy, then abrade, clean, glue, rivet... it all takes time. The manual is quite clear on the procedure, just make sure that you put the bellcranks on the right way round! They fit between the leading and trailing edges...

This day's work was spread over two days (days 14 & 15). I did do a few other things, but this was another job that needed time to get right. Next page