Day 16 - Leading edges      Hours today: 8      Hours so far: 125

It arrived! The clinometer I ordered yesterday came nicely wrapped in the post this morning. They deserve another plug!

Today was little jobs, still on the flaps and ailerons, also looking at the manual and the tail plane and plucking up the courage to have a go (oh, and playing with my new tool!) Click on the pictures to enlarge.

My new clinometer! It's actually used to measure the amount of heel in a boat (how much it's leaning to one side). It may or may not be an accurate instrument, but that doesn't matter - I'm after relative measurements - i.e. if the head tubes are shown to be level on the clinometer, I can then use that datum for the tail plane.

Most of today was spent gluing the leading edges on. The false ribs are tricky. I glued them in place, held them there for about a half hour with tape, then, when the glue had become a bit sticky, offered the whole thing up to the flap.

It seemed to work - The finished result is quite pleasing. The leading edges will be left for at least 24 hours to make sure the glue has totally set - the next job is to cut the leading edge material to allow for the hinge plates.

Again, a few other jobs were tackled today, including a bit more on the lexan, checking the flap lever action, cutting the seat tubes (see day 12). Next page