Day 17 - Tail plane      Hours today: 6      Hours so far: 131

Time to do some setting up of flying surfaces.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

First, I put the horizontal stabilisers in place - they fit into bushings. The first job is to set the stabilisers at an angle of 2 degrees nose down to the horizontal (this is only if you are fitting a Jabiru engine - see manual for further details). The clinometer made this a piece of cake. I set the whole fuselage up to be level in every plane, then set the stabilisers to 2 degrees, drilled and then bolted. This picture shows the one bolt which sets the angle of the stabilisers, and also the bolts in the next step...

...which is bolting the two stabilisers in place - check the elevator can move freely (in other words, the stabilisers are lined up with one other). I drilled and bolted through the stabiliser and bushing on each side, front and back (four bolts in all). This picture shows how I clamped the whole set-up in place, so that nothing moved before I drilled. Measurements are taken to make sure that the tail fin is at right angles to both the horizontal stabilisers - hence bits of tape and various markings.

This actually happened over 2 days (work got in the way again!), so maybe the hours count was a bit pessimistic - I didn't keep track very accurately. Next page