Day 18 - tail and lexan.      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 140

More tail plane - the rigid stabiliser struts and then the flying wires - again checking at every step that nothing has moved.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Fitting the rigid horizontal stabiliser struts - careful measurement, then drilling while they are clamped in place.

Flying wires. Crimp one end, then make up the finished cable, mark where the nicopress sleeve needs to go, take the whole thing off and make the crimps up on the workbench. It's tricky, making sure the thimbles are right, the wire is not too tight nor too loose, and the whole thing is the right length. There are 4 to do - don't forget the shrink wrap to finish the job. I've found that 1/4 inch is the best size (I got mine from my local auto parts shop).

Today also saw the end of the lexan first fitting. I'd been doing this a bit at a time for the last few days. I've found the best way for me to fit them is to roughly cut the size (following the manual for sizes and overhangs). Then peel about 3 inches of the protective covering off so you can see what you are doing. Fit the window lexan first, drill holes top and bottom, and use clecos to hold it in place. Then drill the other holes from the middle out, approximately every 4 inches. I tried to make sure my holes are equally spaced for a better look.

Then it is a much easier job to mark exactly where you want to trim the lexan for a final fit. If you fit the window first, you can fit the door afterwards and line up the rivet holes for a pleasing look. I will trim and sand the edges, countersink the lexan (the rivets are flush fitting) when I get my door hinges - due this week!

Ugh! Fitting lexan is a time consuming job. I reckon I have spent over 15 hours already and still have a way to go. Next page