Day 19 - Fit ailerons to wing.      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 149

Time spent fitting the flap and aileron to the right hand wing.

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Time to fit the flap and aileron to the wing. First I had to cut into the leading edge to provide room for the hinges. The picture shows 1/2 inch of leading edge material left at the top, which is as per the manual. After trial fitting, the flap needed less cutting out than the manual says (because it only goes down) but the aileron needed more. It took a while to make sure the aileron went up and down the necessary 30 degrees. Once I was happy, I glued the hinge plates on. BIG step! The end of a lot of work!

All the fiddly aileron adjustments were getting me down so I took a break - and drilled the holes in the trim tab. The hinge needed a small nick cutting out of it in order to fit.

Once the flap and aileron were in place, it was time to trial fit the pulleys for the cables. Here I have set them up with a jubilee clip. The capstrips need trimming so that the cables run correctly. I will drill, glue and rivet later.

Sorting out the aileron and flap took most of the day. The manual is quite clear, but it still takes time to make sure everything is in the right place. Next page