Day 20 - wheels, rivets, templates.      Hours today: 13      Hours so far: 162

Today was actually spread over two days - and followed a visit to Terry at Reality. Despite the fact that his second container had just arrived, he spent practically the entire day with me, sorting out the few items I still hadn't received, then giving me a lesson in fabric covering. Another example of great customer service.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I had been supplied with two tyres which did not match - even though they were made by the same company - so I had to wait until the second shipment for a pair. The first job was to make up the second wheel and then fit both wheels to the main gear. The new hydraulic brakes mean that a small amount of the leg needs to be cut out, then trim the axle to length before drilling a hole for the bolt which holds the axle in place. Here, the axle is still too long, and the bolt hole has not been drilled (there's a good picture in the manual). I mounted the brake vertically (as advised by the instructions - bleed nipple on top).

Next was the rudder pedal. This uses floating nut plates and soft rivets - I had not come across these before. Trial fit the pedal mechanism, drill the holes for the soft rivets, then remove the pedal. The rivets squash with a pair of pliers or something similar. This is a picture of the top...

... and this is the bottom, complete with a floating nut plate. Once all 8 plates had been fitted, I put the footwell floor back in and bolted in the pedals.

About 3 hours was spent making up the fabric plates or covers - Using photocopies of the templates I cut them out with my snips or cutting disc on my Dremel, then used files and sandpaper to get rid of the sharp edges.

I also positioned the pitot and static tubes (rib 6 on the right hand wing). The static tube needs drilling, and both tubes were wired into place. While I had a bit of glue on the go, I glued the tubes into position and also bunged up the end of the static tube (all explained in the "bible"). It looks a mess in the photo, but not in real life - besides, it will be invisible soon.

I felt like some progress was made today... the right wing is coming together, I need to glue and rivet the pulleys, fit the fuel tank and wing tip and then prepare for covering. Next page