Day 22 - Wing to fuselage      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 181

Fitting the wing to the fuselage, putting the butt rib in place and fitting the root doublers.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

My aim is to fully finish the two wings, so the first job was to fit plywood gussets between the drag tubes and main spar tubes. I shaped them slightly to fit neatly, then cleaned off the powdercoat, abraded, cleaned with MEK and glued - the usual gluing procedure.

Root doublers - they reinforce the holes in the main spar tubes. The manual says to lay the doubler on top of the tube as a pattern, but this is not possible in 3 out of the 4 cases, since a rib is in the way - I phocopied the doublers and used this copy (with a bit cut off) as a template. This is a picture from the underside of the wing, the doubler is held in place with clecoes. I have now glued and rivetted them into place. They fit INSIDE the wing spar, they are shown on the outside in the picture since I used them as a guide only!

The butt rib fits onto the fuselage using T pieces. The ribs need lining up carefully (gives me chance to check out how beautifully my wing folds!) before drilling, rivetting and gluing. There should be a 1/16" gap between the butt rib and the first rib in the wing.

This is the other side of the butt rib. The rib needs fitting once the root doublers are in place. You can just make out the white T piece immediately to the left of the two clecoes in the picture. I still need to glue and rivet the T piece into the fuselage.

I'm getting there (at least with the right wing). I'll do the cable runs next, before turning my attention to the other side of the plane. Next page