Day 23 - More work on the wings      Hours today: 7      Hours so far: 188

Carrying on with the right wing, getting ready for the control cables.

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Fixing the flap pulley block in position, following the manual. Set the flap to 20 degrees down, then position the pulley so that the cable sits in the middle of it. Then glue and rivet as usual.

The same goes for the aileron pulley blocks. The lower block (down aileron) will stick out below the wing, mine does by about an inch, and will be protected by an aluminium cover plate. The upper block (up aileron) sits inside the wing.

In amongst all this tubing is the jury strut. The bottom of it bolts into place, then check it is vertical and glue and rivet the top tabs.

The design had changed between the prototype and my production kit, with the result that the bottom of the jury strut needed bending to fit. The prototype had a tab welded onto the wing strut, my kit uses a bolt through the wing strut.

Fitting the pulley blocks was fiddly - making sure the cables run as straight as possible. Next I will have to drill through the wooden ribs to create the cable runs. Next page