Day 24 - Control cables      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 197

Nearly 200 hours! Where has the time gone? As promised yesterday, I drilled the holes needed to create the cable runs in the wings.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

A view from the top of the wing. You can see the cables running through the ribs, with 2 inch lengths of pipe as guides. Firstly, drill holes in rib 1 (nearest the fuselage), then use string to mark the line of the cable. Then use *mathematics* (eek!) to work out how far up the rib the hole should go. It's actually quite straightforward, and pleasing when I drilled small pilot holes and found that I had been quite accurate with my marking. There are two pulleys on the headrack - I used the rearmost one for the flap cable, and the forward one for the aileron, otherwise the flap cable rubs against the main spar.

This is the flap pulley - you can see the cables going through the guide tubes too. The flap has a spring action to it, one end of the spring goes onto a tab attached to the pulley block. The other end fixes to a tab on the flap spar tube. This means cutting out the trailing edge and also the leading edge of the flap. I guessed the amount of material to cut out, and it may need a little bit more finishing, but so far the guess is not too far off.

The underside of the flap - this shows where the tab goes on the spar tube. There is a small semi-circular piece cut out of the bottom of the leading edge - this is to get the rivet gun in! I can patch it later with some scrap leading edge material.

Again, this picture is not brilliant, but it shows roughly how much needs taking out of the leading edge of the flap.

Now I have working flap and aileron on one side. I need to fit a plywood stop for the flap ( to stop it going too far up) but otherwise I can control them with cables! I can't wait to connect them to the control stick... Next page