Day 25 - More wing details      Hours today: 10      Hours so far: 207

More things to do before covering the wings. The jobs list seems to grow, not shrink!

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

False ribs fit between the main ribs in the wing, so that the fabric does not sag between them. The false ribs actually sit proud of the main ribs - Terry tells me this is to ensure a correct wing profile. I sanded all the rough edges off them before lining them up and gluing in the normal way.

The fuel tanks sit neatly on the wing spars. After I have varnished the wings, I will glue the tanks in place. This picture shows the fuel connection into the tank - drill a hole, then I lubricated the hole slightly with a bit of saliva (no oil!) before pushing the whole thing in for a very tight fit. I tried to get the connector as low as possible in the tank, which meant 'reshaping' the wing rib slightly.

One of the fabric plates going into place. This is a view of the top of the wing. The fabric plate will be glued and rivetted into place, and gives the fabric somewhere to stick to, while also making a neat hole for the up aileron cable.

The more I work on the wings, the more I realise there is a lot to do before starting to cover! Next page