Day 26 - Wing tips      Hours today: 10      Hours so far: 219

Starting on the wing tips.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Setting the wingtips out - firstly, make sure they are level and square with the wing. I used straight edges (and spirit levels) to check that the wing tip sat squarely on the wing.

Then, using straight edges and squares, I lined up the outside edge of the wing tip so that it ran perpendicular to the trailing edge. I clamped the tip in place, then looked at it from every angle to check it! Then it was a matter of drilling holes for the rivets - I have chosen to glue my wing tips in place following advice from Terry, who says it produces the best end result. You can fix the tips so that they are removable - this is covered in the manual.

This picture shows the tip after being cut to shape and the holes for the rivets drilled and countersunk. The manual suggests how many to use. I spaced my rivets at regular distances, the picture shows clecoes in some of the holes.

This is a view of the inside of the wing tips. I have elected to fit strobes (as supplied by Terry) so have reinforced the inside of the wing tip to take the strobe. I used some 1/4" plywood, glued into place. This will give me something to screw the strobe to.

The last job is to fill in the gap at the rear of the tips - using the plywood supplied, cut out the shape, then put it in place, drill small holes through the wing tip and into the plywood so that you can push some rivet shanks into it to hold it in place. Then glue the whole thing up, and clamp securely.

There is still some to do on the wings - will it ever end? Next page