Day 27 - Strobes      Hours today: 8      Hours so far: 227

Fitting strobes - part one

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The strobes which Terry supplied look good quality and are from a respected manufacturer, but they would not fit on my wing tips the way I wanted - so I cut up some cherry wood I had in the workshop to act as an adaptor plate. Now the strobes will sit horizontally and will be visible from above. This is not necessary, Terry tells me you can simply screw them straight onto the wing tip. The picture shows how this plate will fit onto the wing tip.

A closer look at the strobe bits. There is a comprehensive set of instructions with the strobes, including a tip to paint the bottom of the lens so that you can't see the blue silicone plug when fitted. I'll need to buy some lexan paint (from a model shop). The white part in the picture is a plate supplied with the strobes in case you want to mount them onto a tube.

I managed to find a tool which I had seen Terry using - it's an adjustable countersink cutter or Microstop - so you can accurately cut different depths of countersink. I got mine directly from The Yard and they delivered in 40 hours! (Terry had a couple of these in stock the last time I saw him). I've used them to countersink the lexan in the doors and windows - accurately, every time (and that's about 160 times!). Well worth the money!

I need to varnish the parts of the wings which will not be covered in glue, then fit the fabric plates, wing tips and strobes, then ask my inspector what he thinks of it all! Uh-oh! Next page