Day 28 - Fabric plates      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 235

Fabric plates and control stick handles.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

I'm taking no chances with the bits inside the wing - this is a pic of the cable for the strobes. I lock-wired it to the rib, then put a glob of glue on top of the wire. Then I shrink-wrapped the bit near the spar tube, then glued the wire to the inside of the spar. All this should stop the wire vibrating and hence wearing through.

Now for the fabric plates. This is the aileron 'up' cable. It was cut out of sheet aluminium on day 20

This is the aileron 'down' cable plate. The one with the square hole is glued and rivetted in place. The second one (with the oval hole) fits over the first one after it has been covered - it then acts as a removable cover plate. Terry used self tapping screws on G-ESCA.

The rear spar lift strut bracket...

...and the front spar plate. All of the plates will need to be blended in, I've opted to use Superfil lightweight filler (more of that later), but this front plate will need lots of filling to create a smooth line.

Another idea nicked from Terry. I'd never tried wood turning before, so this was fun. I used another bit of cherry from the workshop and turned two handles for the control sticks. I think wood is the ideal material - it will feel warm to the touch, will not wear out, and it will look good! I'll paint it with varnish to bring the colour out, then drill a hole in the top for the radio PTT switch.

Nearly there now. I have the fuel tanks to fit, then start filling all the imperfections with filler. I'm off to pick up the varnish this afternoon - two part epoxy, bought from a boat chandlers. Next page