Day 29 - Bottom stringer      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 244

Fitting the bottom stringer and tip braces

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Fitting the bottom stringer took me about 4 hours! Why?? Once the stringer itself is cut to length, then cut the stand-offs from the tube supplied. Then put the stringer together in the same way as the others. I bent the rear end of the stringer so that the fabric would not catch on it.

A close-up of a stringer stand-off. The stringer is rivetted at the top, but relies on a generous glob of glue at the bottom.

A view from below - the access plate so that you can get to the tailwheel bolts. Cut from a sheet of aluminium, then the end is shaped around the fuselage tube to create a hinge. This eventually gets covered by fabric and fixed in place with a dzus fastener (or similar).

Terry supplies two wing tip braces per wing, but told me that only one is needed - to stop the wing tip from pulling the end rib out of line. Use two rivets on each end of the brace (as well as glue!).

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