Day 31 - Finishing the wing?      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 279

This time it really is getting ready for covering! My inspector visited, he was satisfied with the work so far, the main criticism was that I am a bit too relaxed about sanding the aluminium components. Only abrade the minimum amount before gluing. I will take time to polish out any scratches which are not covered in glue, then protect the bare aluminium from corrosion.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The finished (yellow) pitot tubing. I put a curve in the end nearest me in the picture to stop it fouling the control cables. I will glue it in place to be sure. The shape of the fuel tanks mean that this is the best way of routing the tubes.

After countersinking the lexan, I cleaned the door frames, did the last bit of trimming, and then rivetted the lexan in place (I got sick of filling and sanding and needed a break). This is a time consuming job, getting the lexan to look good, and not foul the fabric when the door is fully open.

The wing tip could now be glued in place, since I had finished varnishing the wing ribs. I also used aluminium flush rivets, which will need to be filled once dry...

Just the fuel tanks to go. The ailerons and flaps are ready to cover. Time to read the book I bought from Aircraft Coverings a week ago. Next page