Day 35 - Header tank and turtle deck      Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 351

Fitting the turtledeck and preparing the header tank.

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The turtledeck has been prepared, so now it needs fitting. I made up a thick paper template, which I slowly trimmed until it fitted, then transferred the pattern onto the aluminium. This picture shows the turtle deck in position. There is a length of steel between the butt ribs representing the line of the finished windshield.

A picture of the cut-out required. The turtledeck fits in a gap between the aluminium channel supplied with the kit, and the windshield. You can just make out a scrap piece of lexan I used to indicate the gap thickness I'll create later - it's between the steel and the turtle deck . I'll drill holes for the rivets which hold the turtle deck lexan in place, then get the deck powder coated.

The header tank comes with a hole already drilled in it from the manufacturing process. I used this hole for the top of the sight tube. The bottom of the sight tube needs to be level with the fuel outlet, then there's a drain outlet drilled as low as possible. You can just make out the fuel outlet and drain on the bottom right of the picture.

A side view of the header tank. The two fuel inlets are visible on the top right of the picture - they are level with each other when the tank is fitted. I drilled the holes using an adapted spade bit and a bench drill, clamping the tank securely in place - this way I could be sure of a round hole in the tank - it's soft and all too easy to make an oval hole! Then a bit of rubber lubricant helped the fitting into place.

Having had a long break from building through work commitments, I needed to see results on my first day back. Tomorrow I'll get back to covering. Next page