Day 37 - Spraying      Hours today: 34      Hours so far: 403

Setting up a spray booth and starting to spray

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A lot of time has been spent ironing, trying to get rid of all the lumps, bumps and imperfections... until I was happy enough to think about spraying. I've sprayed stuff before, and have all the necessary kit, so have decided to do the spraying myself. First I bought a 4m*25m roll of plastic from my builders' merchant, then created a 'cell' in the workshop, totally enclosed in plastic.

Then I set up an air supply - an oil-less compressor with a water filter, and I decided to buy a new spray gun, since all the ones I had were old or tainted with car paint - I think the 20 will be worth it. I started (using one of my old guns) with the bare metal parts, using an epoxy based paint. Three thin coats has produced a smooth and shiny finish. This is the engine mount, although I also did a number of other bits. Any aluminium parts were treated with Hammerite special primer first.

There seems to be a lot that can go wrong with spraying, I'm going to find out if my decision was a good one in the next few days... Next page