Day 38 - More spraying, firewall      Hours today: 21      Hours so far: 424

Spraying Polybrush, fitting the boot cowl and the firewall, modifying the front floor panel.

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The spraying continues. I'm having problems with the vapour - my brand new purpose bought mask does not stop the smell nor the taste of the Polybrush reducer. Otherwise I'm nearly done with the Polybrush spraying. I've used two large pots of brush so far, I think I will have to buy a fourth to finish the whole job.

I temporarily fitted the engine to make sure the boot cowl was in the right place. I followed Terry's measurements in the March 2004 newsletter, and they worked out OK, apart from the 14 inches from headrack (Terry tells me this is probably a mistake). The cowls will need trimming to fit the engine in.

The firewall needs trimming to fit under the boot cowl. Fix the rubber strip using a scrap piece of firewall material - if I had thought of it, I would have trimmed the firewall more carefully to leave enough to do the rubber strip with one piece. Then drill holes for the engine and nosewheel mount bolts. I will fit some sound/thermal insulation on the cockpit side of the firewall, which is in the post, so the firewall work stops there.

Another little job - I cut two holes in the front floor so that I can get to the nosewheel bolts after the floor is fitted - just in case I ever get the courage up to try tailwheel...

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