Day 39 - Polyspray      Hours today: 12      Hours so far: 436

Starting spraying silver polyspray, fitting buttribs.

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The polybrush spraying is finished. I tried to smooth out imperfections with the iron set at 225 degrees, but the results were mixed. It requires a lot of care so as to not leave iron marks behind. The polyspray is the UV blocker, so I am not keen to skimp on this stage. It's thinner than polybrush and requires less thinning (4:1 with reducer). I haven't had any runs yet, but I am taking care to spray thin coats.

Not forgetting to do the fabric templates and inspection covers... The advice regarding the Poly system and spraying on metal is mixed, although so far it seems to have adhered well.

I had omitted to fit the butt ribs when the wings were on, which was a mistake. I refitted the wings, aligned the buttribs, then glued and rivetted them in place. This will allow me to fit the windscreen. The buttribs needed a cutout for the fuel outlet and tube, which is shown in the picture.

Next job (apart from more spraying) is the windscreen. Next page