Day 4 - Where did the day go? Hours today: 9      Hours so far: 36

The first day of uninterrupted plane building. I spent 9 hours and feel as though I have got nowhere...

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I started the day by making a bit more space in the workshop - cutting up one of the rolls of lexan into (rough) window and door shapes. This was mainly to see how easy it will be to cut them to shape - this lexan is THICK! Much thicker than the stuff on my Rans.

The tail needs setting up carefully. First goes the stabilising fin - it drops in place, check that the rudder hinges are in line, then pilot drill, final drill, ream and fit a securing bolt. If the hinges line up, the rudder will swing freely. The rudder stops need shortening so that the rudder can travel 30 degrees in either direction. I took off a surprising amount with an angle grinder.

Another job I thought would take 5 minutes, and ended up being over an hour! The rudder cables (I am holding one end of the right one) fit inside a plastic outer tube. This tube needs to be fed through nine locating bushes along the length of the fuselage - these need to be reamed out first, and a couple cannot be reached with my drill. You can just make out the white outer cable a few inches above floor level.

Terry said to make the footwell floor in two pieces to get around the heelbrake mounts (I've got toe brakes, so don't need the heelbrake mounts). At last! Carpentry! I know about carpentry! I made templates out of 300gsm card, then transferred onto the 1/8 plywood. Neat job - no cut line in it since it's in one piece. I just hope this is OK and won't get in the way later.

Same process for the rear floor and two side pieces, next to the seats. Make sure you lay out all the templates to ensure they fit on the plywood - I nearly cut the two sidepieces before I realised that I would then not have the right shape of plywood left for the rest!

Nine hours just disappeared today. I'm worn out but seem to have achieved very little. Next page