Day 41 - Fitting the screen      Hours today: 10      Hours so far: 458

Fitting the windscreen.

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The first job is to fit the L-shaped bracket on the rear headrack. It should be rivetted in place so that the screen fits on top of it and is level with the back of the butt ribs.

A picture of the rear of the L-shaped bracket.

Now that the boot cowl, rear bracket and butt ribs are in place, I can fit the screen. This is a picture of the final shape of the cut lexan. Terry now has a template of the rough shape. It took a while for me to trim away until I got the shape needed. The lexan is surprisingly easy to work with, but still it's quite stressful trying not to make a mistake!

The screen fitted (but still with the protective covering on).

The kit includes two aluminium channels for each side of the screen. They need cutting to length and then drilling for rivets later. I will now paint them.

When the screen is fitted, it will be rivetted to the rear bracket. The turtle deck needs shaping so as to fit around these rivets - I placed the rivets as far forward as possible so as to minimise the cutting needed. This is a picture of the turtle deck, complete with 6 small cut outs for the rivets.

Time to start fitting out the fuselage before fully covering it. Next page