Day 42 - Fitting out the fuselage.      Hours today: 12      Hours so far: 470

Fitting out the fuselage, prior to covering.

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The battery in my plane will sit right at the back, accessible through the flap on the underside. This will help with the weight distribution since I have the heavy 912 engine. I copied Terry's design for the battery tray, and had to fit it twice since I forgot that the rivets would protrude through the tray and get in the way of the fuselage (hence all the 'ventilation' holes...).

Time to fit the headertank, using 4 adel clamps.

The fuel system includes a drain cock, which is situated under the header tank. I screwed the top fitting into the body, then trapped the fuselage between the body and the drain tap itself (with a couple of washers). The red colour is a fuel-proof jointing compound.

The finished drain system. It fits to the lowest outlet in the header tank, and connects to the drain cock.

Spraying continues. I have finished most of the silver UV spraying and am preparing for the top coat. Now I have to cover the second half of the fuselage. Next page