Day 44 - taping the fuselage.      Hours today: 19      Hours so far: 501

Taping the fuselage

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The fuselage uses by far the most tape - there's loads to do! Most of it is straightforward, only the tailfin uses bias tape. There are 4 inspection rings to fit, two of which will require the centres cut out so that the elevators fit. I still have the rudder cable outlets to position and then reinforce.

Inside the covered fuselage - you can see the route I chose for my battery cables and manual trim cable. They will be largely out of sight once the flooring is fitted. I protected the cables with insulation tape, then used cable ties.

This shows the tapes I put on the front of the underside of the fuselage.

And the rear of the underside...

And the tail! The front inspection ring is in case I ever need to get to the front bolt holding the horizontal stabilisers in place. The rear ring will be cut out for the elevators. The round patch is for the front of the horizontal stabilisers. I found the handle on the fuselage a real pain to cut around and cover - care is needed!

More ironing, doing the rudder cable holes, then spraying. Next page