Day 45 - Preparing to spray the fuselage.      Hours today: 16      Hours so far: 517

Spraying the fuselage, more practice instrument panels.

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I bought a pair of cable fairings from Aircraft Coverings. They make a neat job of the hole through which the rudder cables pass. They are glued with polybrush, then covered with a patch, then painted with polybrush again.

About 3 hours spent masking the fuselage and generally getting it ready for spraying - tidying up loose ends and a final iron. We'll see how good the masking is later!

I have realised how important the polybrush stage is - it is absolutely vital to get enough polybrush on, otherwise the later stages of paint will suffer. Tapes require more polybrush than the rest of the fabric, as does the heavier weight fabric on the underside. Paint the tapes with polybrush before spraying to ensure there is enough coverage - otherwise the paint will pinhole later. Polybrush goes on easily enough, you can achieve a wet look coat without runs. Thin coats of polybrush is a false economy.

I'm still working on the panel layout, this is number 7 I think, and number 4 of the plywood cut-outs. It has again changed format since this picture! Will I ever settle?

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