Day 48 - Assembly.      Hours today: 11      Hours so far: 555

Starting to put things back together.

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Time to put things back together. I finally decided on a panel lay-out, so cut out holes using wood drill bits, a diamond blade for my Dremel and a sharp knife. The grey colour is plastic primer I bought from Halfords.

Now finished with satin black car paint. The GPS and compass would have fitted very neatly on the bottom of the panel, unfortunately they would have then fouled the movement of the stick. Now I wish I had gone for a card compass... The aluminium thing next to the stratomaster is a home made radio bracket.

The elevator painted blue, and the trim tab now rivetted in place. I have wired the piano hinge to stop it separating (day 5), but the seizing wire now gets in the way. I will have to find a way to keep it out of the movement of the trim tab

The bottom of the door frame is vulnerable to being scuffed when you get in and out of the plane. Since mine is silver, I thought a strip of aluminium tape would not look out of place (and it is not as obvious in real life as it is in this picture). Should protect my paint job for a bit longer...

I managed other stuff, including putting the fuselage back onto its legs and starting the spraying of the wings... Next page