Day 5 - Preparation day Hours today: 5      Hours so far: 41

Sunday, interrupted by world cup rugby (England won!) and traditional roast dinner.

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Most of the day was taken up with reaming holes, cleaning powdercoat from hinges and other little jobs. The hinge for the trim flap needs drilling and then securing with seizing wire to stop the hinge pin falling out (do this on both ends)

The I beams which fit inside the wing spar tubes need cleaning up and their ends rounded slightly to aid fitting.

The rest of the tail. The fuselage needs levelling so that the tail can be put in the right place. Lots of very careful measuring before committing to putting the bolt in the (hopefully) right place. After this I will be able to fit flying wires.

I finished the day by painting the floors. I've opted to paint them white, using a 3 part flexible exterior grade paint, this is the second part (an undercoat). You can also see the control sticks, finished with an epoxy based paint.

I hope the fiddly jobs I did today will help in the future. I'll have to finish painting the floors next, then the other unpainted metal items. Next page