Day 50 - Turtledeck, window striker plate.      Hours today: 8      Hours so far: 573

Turtledeck and other jobs.

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I was worried about creating a waterproof join between the turtledeck and the lexan, finally accepting a dried out line of glazing silicone which will be squashed between the two faces. The turtledeck has been painted with etch primer, a two part paint from my local body shop. It is thick stuff, covers well and dries to form a hard coat. The polytone seems to stick well and be hardwearing.

The lexan is fixed using flush aluminium rivets. I have used plastic caps to hide the underside of the rivets since they are clearly visible. I bought 500 and used 32, giving the rest to Terry, so ask nicely... They don't affect the rivet since the plastic is squeezed gently out of the way, while the cap still remains firmly fixed. For an extra 6 grammes in weight, I think the end result is quite pleasing. The one on the left is the finished item, the one on the right is the first part which is held by the rivet.

The finished turtledeck, I will use cam-locks to secure it in place. You can see where I finally chose to site the whip for my radio. It will need de-mounting every time I fold the wings, but I chose an excellent quality whip from Flycom. Dave Gray runs the company and was very helpful before delivering a well packaged item next day. The turtledeck is an excellent ground plane for the whip and initial eavesdropping on local traffic indicates it will work very well.

The plug for connecting the whip. I removed some paint to ensure the whip has a good grounding with the aluminium of the deck.

Final fitting of the doors included making a striker plate for the window catch. I used a scrap piece of aluminium and cut and shaped it to fit. Notice the outside handle has been fitted at 90 degrees to the inner, so it lies horizontal when closed. The handles are joined with a roll pin, which I did not get on with, so maybe I'll replace it with a rivet.

The assembled doorpin, before I added a bit of spray grease. The doors are now finished!

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