Day 7 - Seats and paint      Hours today: 6      Hours so far: 51

A break of 8 days (work getting in the way!) A few little jobs, including spraying the flap lever plates (they come as plain aluminium) and painting the floor panels for a third time.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

The main job today was fitting the seats. It's a fiddly business, getting them lined up so that they sit squarely on the runners and also slide up and down the rail smoothly. This is a picture of the finished job, but you can see the first stage - fitting the white plastic runners. The manual says to use up to six rivets per runner - I chose to use 5. Drill, countersink, then rivet carefully, so that the end result does not interfere with the seat sliding on them. Then fit the seat rails, drilling a hole in each end to line up with the lugs on the fuselage.

A close up of the seat anchor bracket, which stops the seat rail from moving upwards. Offer the bracket up, then mark and drill the bolt holes, and in my case, slightly ream the hole because I didn't quite get it right first time!

Then drill the locator holes on the seat rail. Drill the front and back ones, then another 4 inbetween (you have to fit a stop onto the rail so that the seat can't go too far back). I cleaned the tops of the holes to help the pin locate.

The finished job. Be careful to make sure the two seats line up with each other when drilling the locating holes. The seats can now be fitted with the aluminium infill panels - I've decided to paint the back of the seat back panel, since it is visible when the seat covers are fitted.

Days are split between those where you think you've done little, and those where you can see some progress. Today feels like a progress day. Next page