Day 8 - Stringers and seatbelts      Hours today: 8      Hours so far: 59

The good thing about kit building is that you can largely choose what you want to do each day! I visited the Reality factory a couple of days ago and picked up one or two items I was missing, so decided to have a go at those.

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Don't underestimate the wheels! They come as two piece hubs, and each took an hour to fit, all told. The trickiest bit was getting the tyre onto the rim, along with the O ring which seals the two wheel halves. I also sealed the join with a low modulus silicone sealer, to guard against any unwanted air leaks. If you can borrow an air compressor, it will help greatly with inflating the tyres for the first time - tubeless tyres are a pain to inflate.

Next came the stringers - aluminium tubes which add shape to the fuselage. The ends need cutting to shape so that they fit onto lugs which are welded into the fuselage. Once you are happy with the overall fit, mark and drill holes for the supports which are welded on. Gluing will come later.

The top stringer needs cutting - trial fit and mark a line, then cut. After it has been glued in place, the manual says to blend it into the tail plane so that the join does not show.

I picked up lots of bags of pulleys from Reality, so decided to see what they were about. These are located behind the seats and are for the flap cables. Each pulley has a cable keeper - there goes another 15 minutes reaming out the bolt holes on each of the 30 keepers.

A good example of a short job becoming a long one, and one which can catch you out. This is the gusset in the seat, onto which the seat harness is bolted. First, file the gusset flat so that the harness plate sits properly. Then offer the plate up, and mark a bolt hole - Beware! You have to follow minimum bolt distances (described in chapter 2); basically a 6mm hole must have its centre at least 12mm from the edge of the gusset. This creates a problem. If you don't line the hole up carefully, you will not be able to fit the bolt as it will get fouled by the tubing which makes up the seat frame. Before drilling, check the bolt will fit.

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