This site is a diary following the building an Escapade microlight.
It was supplied by Reality Aircraft in kit form - some 2100 parts, all neatly labelled in self seal plastic bags.

The Escapade is a microlight - it is a fully functional airplane, it just doesn't weigh much!
Microlights offer an easy and affordable way of getting airborne - and just because the plane
is lightweight, that hasn't stopped me flying over 7,000 miles in 6 months year in a Rans, including
to the south of France and Ireland.

You still need a pilot's licence to fly a microlight, and the best place for further information is our organisation, the
British Microlight Aircraft Association. Get in touch, and get flying!

Me! My name is Rob Hughes,
I'm based in Worcester, England, (it's
sort of in the middle of the country).
I had to learn HTML to build this site,
so please bear with me!

Email me for update alerts.


What the bag of bits should look like