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1 Kit parts, wing to fuselage fitting, flap trailing edge
2/3 Acetone, new tools, seat frames, noseleg and main gear, control sticks, flap leading edges
4 First fit door lexan, assembling tail plane, routing rudder cables, cutting out flooring
5 Trim tab piano hinge, fitting I beams, more tail plane, more floors
6 Flap trailing edges part two, aligning hinge plates
7 Fitting seats to fuselage, seat anchor brackets
8 Wheels & tyres, side & top stringers, control pulleys, seat harnesses
9 Swage tool, main gear bungees, flap lever assembly, sliding in I beams, main spar bracket
10/11 Mair spar bracket again, wing trailing edges
12 Wing trailing edge slots, seats and harnesses
13 Cutting and fitting instrument panel, rough trimming the door lexan
14/15 Fitting and rivetting lap & aileron hinges
16 A clinometer, flap leading edges, flap & aileron false ribs
17 Tail plane - aligning and assembly
18 Fixing the tail plane, flying wires, cutting door lexan to fit
19 Flap/aileron cut-outs and pulleys, rivetting hinge plates, setting the trim tab
20 Fitting wheels, rudder pedals, fabric templates and static/pitot tubes
21 Rectifying a mistake - un-gluing a flap and aileron
22 Wing gussets, root doublers, butt ribs
23 Flap/aileron pulleys and blocks, jury struts
24 Control cables, flap/aileron leading edge cut-outs
25 Wing false ribs, fuel tank preparation, fitting the first fabric plate
26 Wing tips
27 First fix of strobes, Microstop countersink tool
28 Strobe cables, fitting fabric plates, control stick handles
29 Bottom stringer, rear access plate, wing tip braces
30 Aircraft Covering supplies, CAA registration, Superfil filling
31 Pitot and static tubing, Final cutting of door lexan, gluing the wing tip
32 Fitting fuel tanks, rear floor panel, push rod cover, cutting turtle deck lexan, calibrating an iron
33 Covering an elevator
34 Taping, polybrush, instrument panel mock-up
35 Cutting the turtle deck, fitting the headertank
36 Covering a wing
37 Setting up a spray booth, spraying the engine mount
38 Spraying polybrush, fitting bootcowl and firewall rubber, cutting holes for the noseleg
39 Spraying silver, fitting buttribs
40 Brake pedals and cylinders
41 Fitting the windscreen
42 Battery tray, header tank and drain system
43 Fuselage jig and covering the fuselage
44 Taping the fuselage
45 Cable fairings, panel layout, more fuselage
46 Silver spraying, registration stencil
47 A painted fuselage!
48 Painting the panel, trim tab fitting, protective tape
49 Painting the wing registration letters
50 Turtledeck finishing, radio whip, window striker plate, door pin