WMC 2005 Diary
An account of the world microlight championships, Levroux, France.  By Rob Hughes, tel: +44 7977 147690 email rob@orleton.co.uk

Thursday August 18th

The first day of the championships, although most teams have been here for a few days, and the routine on the airfield has settled
into lots of flying and lots of eyeing up the opposition with suspicion. The French are here in force, well subsidised by the Ministry
for Sport, they are clearly the biggest team, and hopes are high for Phillippe Zen in his Sinus and Patricia Taillebresse in a Tanarg.

It's hot and dusty, the temperature was in the high twenties today and the ground is stony and dusty. It makes camping a challenge.
Today's activities were centred around a simple practice navigation task, mostly to allow marshals and competitors to get used to the
system and to the MLR flight data recorders which are being relied upon so heavily for scoring. The MLRs are easy to use and produce
great results, this is their first real test at world level in the classic classes.

Lots of planes were weighed, most achieved the 450kg including 22kg for fuel, a Czech Lambada weighed in at 449.4kg after allowing for a
BRS parachute. The Sinus weighed 409kg INCLUDING parachute, Phillippe claims he will use 3l of fuel per hour at 100km/h. That sort of
consumption will take some beating. He spent 2000 hours modifying a fully complete plane, lightening it dramatically, and then tuning
the engine for maximum performance. Titanium abounds, so does kevlar, with its 15m wingspan it is a plane to behold. Pictures are below.

The PPGs start flying at 6am (nice wake up call) and stop well after dark, so it makes for a long day of flying, no doubt people will be burned
out, some even before the opening ceremony on Saturday. Below are a few pictures to set the mood, more to come in the following days.

Tomorrow is a free practice day, although the weather is forecast to worsen. We'll see...

Camping in the baking sun

How about these for spats?

The wonderful Microbe, er, Micro-Be

The Sinus, short take off and landing.

15m wingspan! All round performer.

Home-made Russian carbon trike...

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