WMC 2005 Diary An account of the world microlight championships, Levroux, France.  By Rob Hughes, tel: +44 7977 147690 email rob@orleton.co.uk

Saturday August 20th

Opening ceremony day, so flying was stopped at 1pm. There's been rain around, good for dust levels, only
now the showers are blocked from the mud off peoples' sandals. It's been very much a 'people' day, hence the number of
photos on the site, keeping me from drinking in the bar!

It's been frantic in the organisers' offices, which are finally equipped with enough stuff to run tasks, and the classic
classes first briefing was chaotic due to rain on the metal roof drowning out Rob Keene's instructions, and a power cut due
to all the dodgy electrical connections within camp. Rob is setting really hard tasks, and he's including some nasty twists
to catch the unaware out...

Something should be said about David Daniel, however. He is being a true hero,
keeping a whole team together, making sure they can get on with the business of flying, taking care of food and other minor complications.
Dave managed to find sponsorship this year for the team, which is why they have a HUGE tent and a trailer to bring other stuff. It's a thankless
task, but if you watch him work, you see that he does a great deal for others, with no reward. Thank you, Dave!

Enough news, time to upload a mass of pictures. There'll be more team and opening ceremony photos soon.

Team photo

Trike skydiving display!

Dawn Dewhurst led the team at the ceremony

Dave Broom moaned he was cold!

Dave Daniel, team hero.

David Hadley

Len Tanner and Malcolm Finch

Nigel Beale brought a trailer of spares with him

Some of the team steal a quad

Airfield owner, Denise Lacote

Rob Grimwood, working on his cool image

Paul Dewhurst, team godfather!

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