WMC 2005 Diary An account of the world microlight championships, Levroux, France.  By Rob Hughes, tel: +44 7977 147690 email rob@orleton.co.uk

Sunday August 21st

Lots more pictures of the opening events. Tasks started today, today's was to follow a track in the shape of
a becasse (woodcock), finding markers and photos on the way. Rob Keene has been giving strict instructions
to hide markers behind hedges or under trees, just to add to the difficulty...

Pictures say more than words.

World Champion Anita Holmes

World Champion Simon Baker

World Champion Richard Rawes

A very smart competition director Rob Keene

Jeremy Hucker and family

Chris Saysell

The Russian mascot

Owain Johns

The German team

The South African team

Host nation (and biggest team by far) France

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