WMC 2005 Diary An account of the world microlight championships, Levroux, France.  By Rob Hughes, tel: +44 7977 147690 email rob@orleton.co.uk

Monday August 22nd

Today's task was to visit as many waypoints as possible, each one being a chateau d'eau (watertower).
Rob has been careful to use French themes for the tasks, which is appreciated by both the hosts and the
competitors. The competition procedures are becoming more routine, team leaders are starting to calm down
now that they are getting used to Rob's methods.

The weather has been variable, there's been rain and the paramotor classes are suffering from the strong winds,
but generally the atmosphere is settling down, most of us after all have been here for at least a week now.

That said, there is a lot of flying to be done. As with Long Marston in 2003, the competitors are being asked to
fly a great number of tasks, but they are not complaining, in fact the world's best pilots are doing what they
like doing the most - flying difficult competitions in difficult weather conditions against top class opposition.

There's a picture of the team tent - it's HUGE and complete with long tables, fridge, BBQ, and other home comforts.
Bad news in the team today, Richard Rawes had to land out due to a detached fuel line, which means he will score
zero. He's obviously not happy, and it also means he'll have to fly his socks off to retain his title.

One of the pictures is of Jose Luis Esteban, a wonderful Spanish chap and great company. He wrote the competition
computer programme, Microflap, and donated it to the world for use in such championships. He's very knowledgeable,
and always ready to help with scoring difficulties. His attitude is typical of microlighters; a competitor breaks
a part of his plane, and an opposition team member will give him a spare bit...

I've had time to go round the planes, so expect pictures of foreign stuff in the next couple of days. And the scores are
being published, albeit in provisional form. See here for more info.

Richard's new paint job

Serious team tactics being discussed...?

The team hotel

Jose Luis Esteban

A fancy header tank

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