WMC 2005 Diary An account of the world microlight championships, Levroux, France.  By Rob Hughes, tel: +44 7977 147690 email rob@orleton.co.uk

Tuesday August 23rd

Today's task was flying to another field, which turned out to be Argenton, a 1200m tarmac strip and huge airfield,
which the owners closed by notam expressly for us - wow! I couldn't see many similar UK fields doing the same.

On arrival, pilots had to touch down in 6m boxes before carrying out a deck landing in a 100m deck. The twist
was that they had to bounce once in a 6m, then fly 150m to a second 6m box before flying to another deck landing.

There were quite a few worried team leaders before the task, many pilots concerned about the whole thing, but funnily
enough, just about every pilot had a broad smile on their face afterwards. This is Rob Keene's real strength - designing
tasks which are difficult, testing, innovative, and yet at the same time great to fly. This is why he organised the 2003
championship at Long Marston, and why he was asked to run it again this year.

I'll get some engine pictures sorted for tomorrow.

Is this the perfect commuter vehicle?

Lots of people for Sunday's spots

Gaffer tape? Minor mod?

Rob Keene scores

Tim Keene, son no. 3

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